About Us

Welcome to Langon Bali Resort
is conveniently located within the elevated area of Nusa Dua. A stunning Ocean View Resort and surrounded by lush of green valley. This four stars lodge district, approximately 20 minutes from the Worldwide Airport, 7 minutes from the calm seashore and from the worldwide Bali Nation Golf Course
Langon Bali Resort and Spa is an exclusive retreat, healing treatment, yoga, that invites guests to experience authentic Balinese hospitality blended with international standard of accommodation that still gives great value for money. Contemporary styled hotel with panoramic Ocean Views from the highest point of a hills. Our property is minimalist in architecture and an elegantly decorated luxury hotel, tucked into the contours of a scenic hillside on the highest point of hill in Bali. It is blessed with the most outstanding wide angle views in Bali,
Stretching off into the distant horizon which is filled with beaches, towering volcanoes, offshore islands and the rich fertile plains of southern Bali. For those seeking to unwind and revitalize body, mind and spirit we offer unique and exotic spa treatment at our in house Spa. An exquisite array of spa rituals and Bali’s best kept beauty secrets can be discovered through the healing hands of our superbly trained therapists. We source only the most nourishing natural products, pure oils, herbs and spices to nurture the skin and indulge the senses.
in The Middle of Nowhere!
We’ve bring new experience for you, in langon bali resort you will find Bird singing and the voice of Partidge in the morning.Thats why Langon Bali Resort is “Uniques”.
Langon Bali Resort & Spa also has a Restaurant which is serving delicious HealthyFood and Beverage